Repetition & Adaption - by Josh Pole, Movement Teacher at Infuse Health

I would like to share a basic yet powerful concept. To some degree, most of you will be aware of this concept but you may not know how deeply it runs.

Every physical action and mental process is adapting you to be better at that very thing. Be it positive or negative, adaption does not discriminate.


Here is a quote from Frank Forencich:

“We tend to think of reps as motor behaviours such as athletic movements or musical passages, but we can just as well talk about cognitive reps, emotional reps, and even spiritual reps. We don’t just practice movements, we also practice meanings. The processes that shape the human body also shape the totality of our life experience.”

Our continual adaptions are complex and integrated in that they occur at every level of our body and mind. And science is constantly readjusting the limits of adaption to the point they can longer define them as they are consistently expanded.

This provides some major implications. The most important of which I believe is that you have the complete and total responsibility for everything about you which is also the incredibly empowering.

Consider how you wish to behave, perceive, look, role-model, feel, and live? If you want to be happier, healthier and more vital, you will need to direct all your decisions and thus adaption processes both physical and mental towards them.

Decide what is best for you, then do it! It will become easier and easier as you adapt to repeating this behaviour. The flip side is that when you don’t follow through or choose something that doesn’t serve you, you are getting better at doing that very thing.

A simple example... You decide you are going to get up early to (insert activity). If you do or don’t follow through, you get better at following or not following through and you are more likely to repeat this behaviour in the future – neural wiring (attitude, willpower, perception +++) adapts, circadian rhythms adapt, physiology adapts, self-esteem adapts, ability to return to sleep/step out of bed adapts, and we haven’t even touched on other flow on effects with related habits and effects on your friends/tribe. I’m sure you understand the picture I’m trying to paint.

Your beliefs and thought patterns are also subject to continual adaption and are far from a simply personality trait. They are no different to the physical example above that has a multifaceted adaption process linked. Mental based repetitions (thoughts, attitude, perception, beliefs, feelings and every other mind activity) has its own complex integrated full body adaption process. With practice you can choose your state of being. This usually takes a certain level of awareness and practice which is why awareness of mind and body (they are linked) is a key aspect in all of our yoga and movement classes.

The extent of physical and mental change that is possible is beyond your imagination. We have seen such unbelievable physical and mental changes in some clients who have established healthy repetitions within such a short timeframe that our teachers regular comment that they are literally different people.

Own your current state, choose your path, follow it the f#%k through.

Everything is a rep… so wisely direct your adaptions!

Thanks for reading and feel free to share.

Josh Pole
Movement Teacher
Infuse Health

Infuse Health Named in Top 3 Yoga Studios in Newcastle

The team at Infuse Health is rather pleased (okay, we’re actually thrilled!) to announce we’ve been named as one of the top 3 yoga studios in Newcastle by Three Best Rated.

Judged on 50 areas, including reviews, cost, history, ratings, satisfaction, trust and reputation, we came out in the top 3 for all yoga studios in Newcastle. This result is testament to our ongoing passion, drive and commitment to our clients.

Being recognised in this way validates our mission to nurture, educate and teach lifestyle principles for everyday living. We believe everyone can have vitality, energy and longevity by improving physical functionality, developing an empowered outlook and minimising stressors.

Our top rated Iyengar Yoga Studio helps clients reach these goals by giving you confidence in your body’s functionality, teaching you to stop, breathe, and listen, and practising being in the moment. These practises increase your clarity, calmness, stress resistance, sleep quality and longevity.

We’re proud that our proven experience shines through in this result. With more than 30 years combined experience among our Certified Iyengar Yoga teachers, this confirms our belief that Infuse Health is the perfect yoga studio for people of all ages and abilities.

Our commitment to responding to the needs of our clients was also highlighted by Three Best Rated in this result. We love hearing from you and finding out how we can make your experience at Infuse Health even better. We’re proud that our commitment to you has been recognised and awarded in this way.

Most of all, we’re delighted to be the only Iyengar Yoga studio named in the top 3 yoga studios in Newcastle. With a purpose built studio, classes for every ability level and a commitment to helping everyone enjoy the many benefits of yoga, this makes us even more determined to help our clients reach their individual health potential.

We’re in the mood to celebrate so come on in if you’d like to discover first hand what makes us top rated. Otherwise, give us a call to find out why Infuse Health has been named by Three Best Rated as one of the top 3 yoga studios in Newcastle.

Best Yoga studios in Newcastle

Weekend Workshop with Alan Goode - September 7 - 9

Alan Goode is the Director of Yoga Mandir in Canberra. He is a senior teacher and a direct student of BKS Iyengar- one of the most influential teachers of Yoga in the last century.

Alan began Yoga in Sydney in 1975 and continues to travel regularly to India to study with the Iyengar family at their institute in Pune. He began teaching in 1983 and commenced Yoga Schools in both Sydney (Newtown 1984-1996) and the Blue Mountains (1992-2003) before opening Yoga Mandir in January 2005. As an Iyengar Yoga Institute Yoga Mandir aims to provide the teachings of BKS Iyengar through its programs offered to a national audience. 

Alan is passionately involved with the practice of yoga and its application to daily life. Through his writing he unravels the themes of the yoga sutras and demonstrates their link to our daily practice. Alan contributes significantly to the teacher assessment and strategic planning activities of the BKS Iyengar Yoga Association of Australia.

Alan Goode.jpg

Friday September 7th | 7pm - 8:15pm Free Talk - All Welcome
               'What is yoga'

Saturday September 8th | 7am - 9:30am Asana
Saturday September 8th | 2:30pm - 4:30pm Restorative / Pranayama

Sunday September 9th | 7am - 9:30am Asana
Sunday September 9th | 1pm - 3pm Restorative / Pranayama

$200 Full Workshop - 4 sessions


Places limited - hurry so you don't miss out!

Don't Join A Gym Before Reading This!

Like most of us, you want to be the fittest, healthiest, strongest version of you. Gyms may seem the obvious place to get started on your fitness quest, but they're not for everyone. In fact, a gym may not be the best option for you at all.

Is your aim to look good? Get fit? Improve your performance? Feel better about yourself? Or all of the above? Most gyms specialise in one or two of these areas, but they don’t focus on all areas of health and wellbeing.

If you’re looking for a holistic approach to becoming a healthier, more capable and stronger version of you, our team at Infuse Health offers a real alternative to other gyms in Newcastle. Featuring a yoga studio and movement gym, Infuse Health focuses on improving all aspects of health and wellbeing, both physical and mental.

We do this by working on a whole range of movements and functions that are vital to maintaining your physical & mental health, including:

  • Spinal Connection (improving strength, mobility & control)

  • Joint Function (focusing on injury prevention, strength & self-awareness)

  • Cognitive Abilities (improving the body’s connection, awareness, adaptability, control and more)

  • Play (enhancing skills such as problem solving and higher order thinking through games and human interaction)

  • Community (building a highly motivating and welcoming culture where people can interact and learn from each other)

  • Body Control (using the most effective methodology to improve strength, mobility, balance & coordination)

  • Adaptability & Resilience (introducing diversity in movement and training to improve physical freedom and open up the joy of movement in all its forms)

Our unique approach to health and wellbeing draws knowledge and inspiration from numerous disciplines. Evolutionary movements, strength training, gymnastics, sports, animal locomotion, games, mobility training, climbing, parkour, calisthenics, dance, martial arts, yoga and breathe training all find their place in our movement program. Instead of relying on expensive gym equipment, all the complexity is carried out where it should be, within your own body.

At Infuse Health, in addition to health and fitness, we give you so much more. Our training provides a range of additional benefits to unlock your movement potential, including:

  • Enhanced learning ability

  • Reduced incidence of overuse injuries

  • Highly transferable capabilities

  • Healing of chronic pain & dysfunction

  • A body more resilient to general injuries

  • Increased mental sharpness due to the consistent challenge of variation

  • Improved overall awareness and neural connection.

Can you imagine other gyms in Newcastle providing the same range of benefits?

Our classes and workshops are for everyone, regardless of ability or experience. Everything is scalable and adaptable to your current ability. You will always be challenged, and certainly never bored, at Infuse Health!

So, forget about joining the gym. Come along and see how our team at Infuse Health can make you the healthiest, strongest and most capable version of you.

Contact us by emailing, calling 02 4049 8134 or chatting with us via our instant messenger in the bottom right of the screen. Talk soon!